About Us

Women in Art 278 Magazine unites female artists across age, ethnicity, geographical locations and art genres. Each issue features a variety artists ranging from photography, sculptors, painters, jewelry designers, fashion designers, welders and more. We welcome inquiries from artists who would like to feature their art but are uncertain if they are a "fit" for our magazine. Who knows ... you might just  be!!

How was the magazine name selected? Well, "Women in Art" is pretty obvious since it literally is a magazine for female artists to display their work ... but the number is our way of honoring the ladies in our first issue (October 2013). The number "27" is the total number of artists and "8" is the number of countries they represent. It's our way of ensuring that the women who took a chance on this newly launched magazine were forever honored.

Artists are not limited to English speaking or any particular genre of art. Thanks to translation services, we are happy to take artist statements in the artist's native language. We will also help translate it (with proper grammar) into English. Diversity is a thing of beauty!

Women in Art 278 is available online for free (yup. you heard it here!) and artists or anyone (gallery owners, business owners, individuals, art lovers, etc.) may print the magazine. Women in Art 278 Magazine may be shipped internationally.

If you are a woman in the arts looking for better representation and would like to expand your audience globally (without breaking the bank), please consider Women in Art 278!

Artists who are interested in contributing artwork -- continue here to the online submission form. Or, if you would like to contribute but seek sponsorship, click here to complete our sponsorship application.