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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I am.

i am creative.
i am passionate.
i am beautiful.
i am a female artist.

share, comment, pin it ... show your pride! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Raffle Time!

Check out our latest raffle. Our lucky winner will receive free entry to an art contest (of their choice -- any cover page contest through the remaining calendar year) as well as a complimentary printed issue.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Do you create art by upcycling?

Women in Art 278 Magazine would like to interview (Q&A style) an artist who creates her work from upcycled materials. We are looking for a creative, eco-minded artist who is willing to give us some insight to her creative process and why eco-art has become so important to her -- and her clients.

If you are interested in being interviewed please comment on this post or on our facebook post. When you comment, be sure to share with us (1) your name (2) a few sentences that summarize your art and (3) a link to your website (or social media page) where we can view some of your work.


New & Improved

Improvements to our artist submission form are up and running. We modified the form to make it easier to submit your artwork and pay for it once the form is complete. When you select the amount of pages in the form (with corresponding prices next to them) you will be prompted to complete the transaction once the form is completely filled out.

For artists who are either sponsored or win a free page, you can simply bypass payment by selecting the free page in the form. 

As always, we welcome feedback from all of our artists. If you have any suggestions to make the form easier, please let us know. 

                      With love,
                          Women in Art 278 Magazine Staff

 You may use the embedded form below to submit your information & artwork.  
click "next" to move on to the following page. Or, click here to open it in a new tab. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Apply for Sponsorship

Click here if you are unable to view the form on this page. (You will be redirected to the form through a new window). This form is for artists who would like to showcase their artwork in Women in Art 278 Magazine but would like to offset the cost of purchasing a page (or two) through Sponsorship. At Women in Art 278 Magazine we completely understand that not every artist is in a position to spend money advertising their artwork to new networks but that doesn't mean they don't deserve it. We support ALL women and all financial situations. Plus, it's our goal to connect you with potential buyers through our magazine and then you (the person who applies for sponsorship) can one day sponsor other artists! 
Let's support and empower one another! 

We encourage artists who would like to showcase their art in Women in Art 278 Magazine but are unable to pay the fee to complete this form. Our goal at Women in Art 278 Magazine is to empower and promote female artists - ultimately connecting them with readers and potential clients. See if you qualify for sponsorship! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Photograph Your Artwork

Submitting artwork to Women in Art 278 Magazine is simple for our photographers but for those who aren't familiar with photography but still need to photograph you work, we wanted to share a few tips and a video that may be helpful. Let's do your beautiful artwork justice with a few simple tips.

  • Camera - Don't break the bank (Okay, that's an expression that might not translate well. It means, don't spend too much) Technology is amazing and to photograph your artwork, you don't necessarily need a professional-level camera. If your camera has the option to attach to a tripod, lets you adjust the ISO, image size/quality, the white balance and the lens is properly functioning ... you should be good to go! 
  • Image size: Set the image size on the largest size possible. We print our magazine so that means we have to have all of the submitted artwork at high enough resolution to print it. We can't print images that are low resolution because they will print out pixelated and look ... terrible. So, set the image size on the largest size possible (10MB is a great size) 
  • Lens - Clean that lens. Make sure smudges and dirt are no where to be seen on the lens. 
  • Tripod - While this is suggested, it's not required. You can simply balance your camera on a solid surface and set the timer. You want to set the timer because pressing down the shutter release (so you can take the photo) might shift the camera. Even the slightest shift can diminish the chances of an in-focus shot. If you are using a tripod, we also suggest using the timer. 
  • Lights - Do you need studio lights? If you don't already own them, don't worry about buying them. You can use a large window or shoot outdoors. Natural light (ambient light) is very gentle and that's great light for photographing your artwork. You want to avoid harsh lights that cause sharp and deep shadows.  You also don't want conflicting light sources. The warmth (color) of the sun/natural light is different than florescent light and that is different than halogen. You want only one light source color because you'll end up selecting a white balance that adjusts for the light source. Multiple light sources makes balancing the white balance tricky. 
  • Depending on your artwork, we suggest positioning it against a wall, hung on a wall or displayed in a setting where someone might showcase your artwork. You can view our November 2013 issue with Italian Artist Francesca Lancisi to see how she showed her prints. For her layout, we showed some of the prints themselves and then she also framed one and put it on a desk with accessories. It turned out beautifully. It helps clients envision how it might look in their home! 
  • Using the tripod, make sure that the camera is level with the artwork. You don't want to have to mess around with cropping it and adjusting it if there is no need. Reduce your workload by photographing it in a way that additional work to the photograph is unnecessary. 
  • Flash? Nope. No flash. That was simple! 
  • After you take your photo, upload it to your computer. You will have to rename your artwork from the camera image number such as IMG4920 (whatever your camera names it) and modify it to this format when you submit to us ARTISTNAME_NAMEOFWORK_GENRE_COUNTRY. We ask for it this way because we receive many submissions and this helps us keep all of our artist's work in order. 
  • Should you add a watermark? Artists work diligently to protect their work from digital thieves. We understand the desire to protect your work but artwork that is not physically signed (i.e. painters who sign their art and so on) should not add a digital signature or copyright symbol on top of their artwork that they submit. 
  • Once your artwork is renamed, you are set to send it in. Gather together the pieces of art you plan to submit to include your artist statement (name that with your name as well!) and go to the Artist Submission Form to submit your work. 
Pretty simple! 

We are working on connecting with photographers in key cities around the globe who are willing to photograph your artwork at a discounted rate. If you are a photographer and would like to have your information listed with Women in Art 278 Magazine and is willing to offer discounted prices to our artists, please contact us directly. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014 Issue: Earth Day

Women in Art 278 is proud to announce the release of our April 2014 issue. And, we are even happier to announce the winner of our cover page art contest: American Fusion Artist & Photographer Brandi Fitzgerald! Our cover page art pays tribute to Earth Day (April 22nd) - internationally known as International Mother Earth Day!

As always, we offer our magazine three ways. (1) as a free e-magazine (2) as a printed edition that is shipped directly to your home or office and (3) as a digital download so people have the option to print it locally. Below are both links to the April 2014 issue.

To purchase a printed edition or digital download: 

April 2014: Women in Art 278 Magazine
50 pages, published 3/31/2014
Announcing our April 2014 issue featuring artists from Canada, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Italy, Holland and the United States. Congratulations to Brandi Fitzgerald, our cover page artist whose artwork honors the global celebration: Earth Day. To contribute to the magazine or to learn more visit us at

To read the electronic edition: 

We hope you enjoy this issue, which offers beautiful artwork from the following artists ... 

  • Andrea Carroll: Visionary Art
  • Brandi Fitzgerald: Fusion Art & Photography
  • Daina White: Acrylic
  • Donna Blackhall: Mixed Media 
  • Elena Sokolova: Oil Painting
  • Elena Yakubovich: Watercolor, Acrylic, Graphic
  • Gloria di Simone: Tempera on Watercolor Paper
  • Julie Bryant: Photography
  • Karla Gerard: Acrylic
  • Kostadinka Kiranska: Upcycled Jewelry
  • Laura Barbosa: Acrylics on Canvas
  • Liesl Marelli: Photography
  • Mimi Revencu: Acrylics on Canvas
  • Peggy Collins:  Photography, Digital Painting
  • Rosemary Williams: Photography
  • Shachi Sirivastava: Acrylic, Sharpie
  • Shahna Lax: Copperwork
  • Valentina Plishchina: Surrealism

If you are a female artist and would like to showcase your art in our magazine, please use the contact information on the side of our blog to reach out. We'd also love to have you follow us on Facebook --

Thanks for supporting the arts!